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Happy Holidays from FunnelDash

By Tanya Brody / December 25, 2017

We, the team here at FunnelDash would like to wish all of you very a very happy holiday season. We hope you get to enjoy time with your families or doing things you love, wherever you are and whatever winter/end of the Gregorian calendar year holidays you celebrate.

How To Achieve ALL Your Paid Traffic KPIs: Part 2

By Joey Alter / August 17, 2016

[This is part two of a two-part series. Part 1 touches on the new Facebook tracking pixel and covers the first 3 best practices.] You have a funnel. You have a website. You have a product (or plan to release one). You have a mobile game, you have a shopify store. Maybe you even have […]

How To Achieve ALL Your Paid Traffic KPIs: Part 1

By Joey Alter / August 12, 2016

For most of us, running paid traffic on Facebook has been a series of trial and error. Maybe you are a small business owner, and years ago you heard that Facebook traffic was the next big thing. Maybe you worked at an old school paid search agency and your boss told you to get some […]