How to Get and Manage Real Estate Agent Clients for Your Facebook Advertising Agency

By Tanya Brody / February 1, 2018

This post was originally published on June 16th, 2017. However, if you’re looking for a good niche to pursue for Facebook ads clients and you have experience in real estate, we want to help you out. 

We’ve updated the post below with new information and we’re republishing it so you can use the toolkit we’re giving you at the bottom of the post to launch a campaign to get real estate agent clients.

Okay, you’re running a Facebook advertising agency, and you’re looking for new clients. Perhaps you used to be a real estate professional yourself, so you know the market well. You figure, this is an ideal vertical for you, because not only do you speak their language, you know exactly how busy they are.

Plus, you are well aware that they don’t have the time to learn the basics of running a Facebook ad campaign, much less the advanced techniques. You, however, have this knowledge. So, helping your former colleagues in the real estate market would be a smart decision.

Now that you’ve made this decision, here’s how you do it:


Run a Facebook Ad Campaign to Get Leads for Your Services

Yes, this seems obvious. But you should do it anyway. 


Because not only will this increase brand awareness for your agency and get you more leads, it will prove to those who opt-in that you know what you’re doing. After all, they were hooked, why wouldn’t their potential customers do the same? 

In fact, your ad would look something like this:

FB Ad 3.jpg

But, unlike much of your competition, you’re going to offer a free, data-driven Facebook ads audit as your lead magnet (also known as an opt-in bribe).

There is a difference.

Most agencies that offer free Facebook ads audits just talk about theory and tactics. They don’t offer concrete ideas that a business can use immediately.

You’re going to use the data in your potential clients’ Facebook ad accounts to come up with real, actionable strategies that you can recommend to them, to improve their current advertising campaigns. For more information on how to do this, check out this post.

You’ll get all this information when you connect your prospective client’s Facebook ads account to your FunnelDash account. You’ll look at the Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard to see how your clients’ current campaigns are working, so you can make recommendations on improving those campaigns. For more on how to use this dashboard, read this post.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 10.25.32 PM.jpg

Finally, you’ll focus more on what real estate agents can do to bring in new home seller and home buyer leads than the generalities listed in that post. Your recommendations for new campaigns will be specific to lead-gen techniques for the real estate market. 

You’re offering your potential clients value upfront. You’re showing your skill with online marketing and you’re proving that you can handle their campaigns. 

Offering this kind of free audit will get you more than leads, it will get you clients who are happy to sign a high-paying retainer contract.

Managing Your New Clients’ Facebook Ads Accounts

Once you’ve gotten your prospective clients to sign that monthly retainer agreement with you, here’s how you’d run a lead generation Facebook campaign for them:

Discuss the Type of Real Estate Advertising Campaign They Want to Run

The two most common home buyer lead generation campaigns are for the local market or for a specific property. Your client decides to run one of each. They have a house for sale in a specific area, and they’re building a list of other properties on the market in that area.

Identify the target audience

Now that you know the type of real estate ads you’ll be running, you’ll figure out who you’re selling to.

Obviously, you’re looking for people who want to buy a house in your client’s chosen area. But you need to ask other important questions, like:

  • What type of home is this? Starter or upgrade?
  • What kind of income will a home buyer need to qualify for a mortgage in this area?
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?

You and your client may come up with other questions as you create your customer avatar.

It’s important to take the time to build this customer profile, because it can save your client a lot of money in the long run.Facebook’s targeting system is so sophisticated, you can drill down to exactly the type of customer your client is looking for, and just target them.

Yes, this may sound a little creepy, and it may seem like you’re missing out on some opportunities outside of this audience. However, the more specific you are in your targeting, the more likely you are to build a highly-qualified list of leads for your client.

Create Your Target Audience in Facebook Ads Manager

Once you know who you’re marketing to, you can go into the Facebook Ads Manager and create that audience.

I asked our own Director of Advertising, Joey Alter, what he would do to create an audience in Ads Manager for this avatar. He recommended the following: 

  • Likely to move behavior
  • Students of a particular school, segmented by age
  • Real Estate Website related interest cluster
    •, Trulia, Zillow
  • Home Ownership >> Renter Behavior
  • First Time Home Buyer Behavior
  • Home buying term interest cluster
    • Buying a House, First-time buyer, House Hunting, My First Home, Starter home
  • Income range of $250,000 and up.

Facebook Audience.jpg

First, I must state that these are our recommendations for how we would run this campaign if a real estate agent hired us to do their advertising. This is also a local audience, not a national one, so the overall reach is smaller.

Your audience reach and results will depend on the area your client is trying to sell in, the property or properties in question and how much they’re willing to spend each day.

Next, you’ll set your budget, based on what your client can spend, determine your placements (if you don’t want it to be automatic) and schedule your ads for a specific start and end date, and a specific time, if that’s what you want.

Create Your Ads

Now it’s time to create the ads you’ll run traffic to.

As I mentioned above, the two most common campaign types are for a local area, or for specific homes for sale. I’ll show you ads for both of these.

This first campaign is for an area. It’s promoting the list of available properties in this area that your client has been building. The list is the lead magnet to get people to opt-into their email list.

FB Ad 2.jpg

I chose to do a carousel ad here. You’re welcome to do a single image ad, if you’d prefer.

This campaign will go to cold traffic, so you’ll want to use the FunnelDash Prospecting Dashboard to optimize your ads.

Prospecting DB.jpg

FunnelDash’s Creative Testing Dashboard lets you monitor 3 ads by several metrics to get your winner. For this particular campaign, I would recommend testing 2 newsfeed style ads and 1 carousel ad with pictures of several available properties.

Creative Testing.jpg

Make sure you name each of your ads in a way that will make it easy for you to track them. This will also make it easier to set up the Creative Testing Dashboard for accurate reporting. Check out this post for some good tips on setup and architecture for your campaign.

The second will be a fairly standard campaign, promoting a specific property for sale.

FB Ad 1.jpg

You can send this ad to cold traffic, and you can remarket it to people who opt into the area list. For ad styles, this would be a good place to test a newsfeed ad, vs. a carousel style ad, vs a video walk through of the property.

Collect Potential Leads’ Contact Information

Each of these real estate ad campaigns will send potential leads to a landing page, where they can enter their email addresses.

For the area listing campaign, you’ll want a landing page that looks like this:

Real Estate SP.jpg

On this landing page, when potential customers click on the orange button, they’ll get a popup box that will let them enter their information.


You can also just add an opt-in form to the page itself.

There are several landing page builder SaaS companies out there you can use to create a similar landing or “squeeze” page. This one was built with LeadpagesClickFunnels and Unbounce are also popular platforms. 

Several email service providers (ESPs), like MailChimp, and CRMs, like HubSpot, let you build landing pages with dedicated opt-in forms within their platforms.

For the specific property campaign, you can create a similar landing page with an opt-in form and more details on the house. Or you can just direct people to the listing on your clients’ website. Make sure they’ve included an opt-in form on that page to collect potential leads for that house.

You will need to integrate your clients’ ESP or CRM with these landing pages. If your client doesn’t have an ESP or CRM, set one up for them, as they’ll need it to maintain their mailing list.

There are several out there, including MailChimp and Drip, that offer free accounts, depending on the number of subscribers or email addresses in the account.

Sort Hot Leads from Warm Leads

After potential leads have given their contact information, send them to a Thank You page like this one: 

 Real Estate TY.jpg

This time, the orange button will take them to a survey page, like this one:


This time, the orange button will take them to a survey page, like this one:


I used Survey Monkey to create this page. There are numerous other survey platforms out there.

You should set the survey system to email your client every time someone responds, so they’re getting the information right away. This lets them follow up with the “hot” leads immediately and work on the long-term ones over time.

Your client can send a regular newsletter or an automated follow-up email series to potential leads who aren’t ready to buy.

Report Your Results

FunnelDash makes it very easy to report to your clients on a weekly and monthly basis. You can use our Facebook Weekly reporting dashboard to show your progress. 

Just take a screenshot once a week and send that to your client. If you need to, you can mark it up with arrows and circles to show certain metrics and to indicate what you’ll be tweaking next.

Weekly Dashboard.jpg

You can also use all of the FunnelDash dashboards to show your clients how you’ve increased their ROI and gotten them more leads during their monthly reporting meeting.

Get Everything You Need to Create These Campaigns for Your Clients

I’ve created a special Real Estate Client Campaign Kit for you that includes:

  • The 3 Facebook ads referenced here so you can use them as guides for your own ads.
  • A basic copy template for your:
    • Facebook Ads
    • Landing pages
    • Survey
  • A list of resources for creating these assets
  • A copy of The Ultimate Facebook Ad Manager Client Acquisition Blueprint – This e-book will give you all the details of how to conduct a Facebook Ads Audit and run your own lead generation campaign.

Click on the button below to get your Real Estate Client Campaign Kit and start marketing your services to local real estate agents.

If you run this campaign, tell us how you did in the comments.