Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Ad


Facebook Messenger ads are the new way to communicate directly with your subscribers inside Messenger. It’s a more personal way to get your message across to your potential clients, or to reach out to your clients’ potential customers.

You can create a Facebook Messenger ad for your agency to get more leads by offering a free Facebook Ads Analysis Audit Consultation. If you haven't created your audit sequence inside FunnelDash yet, make sure you click over to our “Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels” post.

Now that you have a sequence that can qualify your leads, you will need to drive users into your funnel. FunnelDash provides several ways to drive traffic into your funnel, but the easiest is to create a Facebook Ad that will deliver your user directly into Facebook Messenger.

Soon you will be able to do this completely from your FunnelDash dashboard, but for now we can set this up using the Ad Manager in your Facebook Business account. There are 4 equally important parts of your campaign that will guarantee your success. Those are your objective, audience, ad, and Messenger greeting.

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Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels

Every business wants more leads. The problem is most businesses are not setup to respond to more leads when they get them. Processing leads and turning them into customers can be a lot of work. If you are using a lead generation technique that is effective you may have more leads than you can deal with.

Step one of dealing with a new lead is finding out if they are even a good fit for your business. What a good fit is will vary from business to business, but simple questions include:

  • Are they in your niche?
  • Can they afford your services?

For FunnelDash agencies looking to get more audit consultations this list is a little more specific and might include:

Are they currently using Facebook Ads?

How much are they spending monthly?

Do they know what their KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics) are?

Asking these questions and working through the answers are what will allow you qualify your lead. But this takes your time even when they are not a good fit.

Luckily this part of the procedure can be automated with Facebook Messenger funnels.

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Get Clients Like Clockwork for Your Facebook Marketing Agency with our New Agency Messenger Funnels

By Tanya Brody / August 24, 2018
Clients like clockwork facebook agency

FunnelDash 1.0 gave the Facebook marketing agency owner, the ability to use data-driven Facebook ad audits to show your value to prospective customers. Selling with data lets you differentiate yourself from your competition and creates a stronger, high-value sales process.

FunnelDash 2.0 is all about helping you get more leads into your agency. Which is why we’ve created our new Agency Messenger Funnels to help you get more leads in the door.

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The Top 6 Facebook Ad Reports Every Ads Agency Needs

Facebook Ads Manager is fantastic for managing ads. Their interface is great and gives you all the options you need to get into their system and create ads that boost your clients’ ROI.

It’s not so great for managing clients.

As we’ve mentioned before on the FunnelDash Blog, Facebook Ads Manager is lousy when it comes to creating Facebook ad reports for clients.

It offers too many choices. It’s hard to find the data that matters to your clients. Most importantly, it takes forever to create Facebook ad reports that make any sense to your clients, based on the information you can pull from Facebook Ads Manager.

It’s hard to track key performance indicators (KPIs), see trends or get all the information you need for your clients all in one place.

There are times you want to show your clients different aspects of their campaigns. To do that in Facebook Ads Manager, you’d have to pull several reports and combine the information via pivot tables to get the information you’re looking for.

What’s more, you wouldn’t show a prospective client the same information you would show a client you’ve been working with for a long time. Which means you’d have to put in extra work to pull an audit report for a new client.

What you really need is a Facebook ad client management system, so you can see exactly what’s going on with each of your clients, at a glance, track their metrics over time and give them weekly or bi-weekly reports on their campaigns.

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Facebook Ads Reports – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Why You May Want to Automate Your Client Reporting with a 3rd Party Reporting Tool

There are a lot of philosophies out there when it comes to analyzing data in Facebook Ads Manager and creating Facebook ads reports.

Some good, some bad, some just plain ugly.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but I will tell you one thing. They all involve a lot of time and effort when it comes to getting an actual report that your clients understand.

Like, 20+ hours, per report, depending on how complicated a campaign you’re running and how detailed you want to get when it comes to parsing all the data Facebook Ads Manager spits out.

Lots of digital marketing agencies generate very basic reports for their clients, then use that data to make “educated guesses” as to what is and isn’t working in their clients’ campaigns.

If you make the wrong “educated guess” this can be a very expensive way to run your business and manage your clients’ campaigns.

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Facebook Ads Manager Reporting Blueprint – The New Easy Way to Systematically Manage, Analyze and Optimize Your Ads

If you’ve ever used Facebook Ads Manager to pull a report for yourself or a client, you already know how complicated this process can be.

Candidly, Facebook Ads Manager is really built for professionals. It’s got so many data points you can use to track your campaigns and determine your results, it can quickly become overwhelming.

This blog post is going to demystify Facebook Ads Manager a bit and show you ways you can get at the information you need, faster and in a much easier to digest form, so you can understand exactly what’s going on with your Facebook ad campaigns.

It will also help you test, improve and scale your campaigns much more efficiently, so you’re getting a better ROI for yourself, or your clients.

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Convert New Clients with These Facebook Ad Copy Templates

Convert New Clients with These Facebook Ad Copy Templates

If you've spent any time looking at Facebook ad templates, swipe files or scrolling through scores of ads you know that every Facebook ad has 3 major components:

  • An image
  • A link
  • Ad copy

You also know that this last component gives lots of business owners and Facebook advertisers the heebie-jeebies.

What do you say to convince people to click on your ad?

What is that “perfect” combination of words to convert a random person who sees your ad for the very first time into a loyal customer?

Fortunately for you, we can help.

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Find the Perfect Facebook Ads Niche for Your Digital Marketing Agency

By Tanya Brody / February 8, 2018
Find the Perfect Facebook Ads Niche for Your Digital Marketing Agency

This post was originally published on September 5th, 2017. It’s a great topic, and one we get asked about a lot. So we figured we’d spruce it up a little for you and republish it. That way, when you’re looking for your first client, or your next client, have a better idea of where to look.

“What niche should I target?” 

“What’s the best niche for Facebook ads?”

These are two very common questions we get from FunnelDash customers, especially from digital marketing agencies that are just starting out.

The honest answer?

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Where To Find Digital Marketing Agency Leads This Week

By Tanya Brody / February 8, 2018
Where To Find Digital Marketing Agency Leads This Week

This post was originally published on July 21st, 2017. We’ve added a couple more ideas on where to find leads this week, so you can jumpstart your digital marketing agency right now, whether you’re a brand new agency owner or you’ve been doing this for years.

You’ve got your digital marketing agency all set up. Your website is out there, you’ve got all the software and apps you need, you’re raring to go.

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How to Get and Manage Real Estate Agent Clients for Your Facebook Advertising Agency

By Tanya Brody / February 1, 2018
How to Get and Manage Real Estate Agent Clients for Your Facebook Advertising Agency

This post was originally published on June 16th, 2017. However, if you’re looking for a good niche to pursue for Facebook ads clients and you have experience in real estate, we want to help you out. 

We’ve updated the post below with new information about FunnelDash and how we recommend getting leads for yourself and your clients. We’re republishing this post so you can use the toolkit we’re giving you at the bottom of the post to launch a campaign to get real estate agent clients, and run campaigns to get new buyer and seller leads for those clients.

Okay, you’re running a Facebook advertising agency, and you’re looking for new clients. Perhaps you used to be a real estate professional yourself, so you know the market well. You figure, this is an ideal vertical for you, because not only do you speak their language, you know exactly how busy they are.

These people are insanely busy! They spend their days showing houses, looking at houses, working with their clients, going to closings, making sure everything is in place so their deals go through. It’s exhausting.

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