How to Productize Your Digital Agency

Zach Johnson
Written by: Zach Johnson / April 8, 2019

Ready to make running your digital agency even easier? Today, we’ve handed the blog over to Lee Goff, an agency coach who will show you how to productize your services to make more money and get your time back.   As a digital agency owner, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t sell products, I sell services.” And you’re not […]

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Use Deals, Our New Sales Pipeline Tool, to Track Your Progress from Lead to Sale

Zach Johnson
Written by: Zach Johnson / April 2, 2019
Use_Deals_to_Track_Your Sales_Pipeline_Progress_from_Lead_to_Sale

Keeping track of where your potential clients are in your sales pipeline can be hard. Have you contacted your new leads? Have they scheduled their free Facebook ad audit? Have you reviewed their account? Have you presented the proposal? Have you followed up with the client after presenting the proposal if they didn’t sign right away? Has the client accepted and […]

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How to Create a Facebook Ad Management Proposal that Converts

Zach Johnson
Written by: Zach Johnson / February 14, 2019

Special Offer I didn’t do anything to get my first client from the partner program.  FunnelDash handled everything from generating the lead, facilitating the initial discovery call, the follow up call, the on-boarding call, and even the payment collection.  It couldn’t have been better!  Not to mention the client was SUPER impressed.. Michael VeinbergsMach 4 […]

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Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Ad

Written by: Simeon Bateman / October 7, 2018

Facebook Messenger ads are the new way to communicate directly with your subscribers inside Messenger. It’s a more personal way to get your message across to your potential clients, or to reach out to your clients’ potential customers. You can create a Facebook Messenger ad for your agency to get more leads by offering a free […]

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Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels

Written by: Simeon Bateman / September 15, 2018

Every business wants more leads. The problem is most businesses are not setup to respond to more leads when they get them. Processing leads and turning them into customers can be a lot of work. If you are using a lead generation technique that is effective you may have more leads than you can deal […]

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Get Clients Like Clockwork for Your Facebook Marketing Agency with our New Agency Messenger Funnels

Zach Johnson
Written by: Zach Johnson / August 24, 2018
Clients like clockwork facebook agency

FunnelDash 1.0 gave the Facebook marketing agency owner, the ability to use data-driven Facebook ad audits to show your value to prospective customers. Selling with data lets you differentiate yourself from your competition and creates a stronger, high-value sales process. FunnelDash 2.0 is all about helping you get more leads into your agency. Which is why […]

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