FunnelDash Beta Is Now Live!

Note: FunnelDash is your single dashboard and metrics reporting tool. It allows you to scale your funnels and marketing campaigns with actionable data by using our proprietary secure 360 tracking and integrations system that works entirely with your customer management & advertising tools. Finally, all your reporting from click to customer are integrated under one roof.

Today is an awesome day!

Today we’re offering early access to the FunnelDash Early Adopter Beta Program to an initial, limited group of Founding Members and Founding VIP Partners.

That means that until our official release, you can become one of the first users of FunnelDash and lock in a lifetime annual price that will NEVER increase.

This will be the lowest price we’ll ever offer for FunnelDash and is over a 50% discount off what others will pay. This will not be available ever again.

So here’s the deal, we want you join on the ground level to give us amazing feedback on FunnelDash and shape its direction and feature set.

We want you to give us any case studies you might have, features & integrations you would want to see in FunnelDash and be a member of our Early Adopter Beta Group and let us know the second you encounter any problems, complete a few surveys every now and then …

… and in exchange for this, you’ll get guaranteed access to every software feature, integration and dashboard template we ever add to FunnelDash for as long as you remain a member (at a fixed yearly rate that will never go up).

As an Early Adopter and member of the Beta Program you’ll also get access to many bonuses in FunnelDash Academy.


So, How Much Will The Beta Program Cost?

The Early Adopter price for FunnelDash is 54% off the full price on any subscription which you can view on our pricing page right now.

Here’s my promise to you: when you become a FunnelDash Early Adopter, you will never pay the full price, and you’ll lock in a lifetime Early Adopter rate of 54% off per year, of whichever plan suits your company needs the best.

If you’ve spent any time looking at high level attribution marketing reporting and data analytics software, you know this is a fraction of the typical cost for enterprise level marketing analytics—AND it comes with the added benefit of not having to hire a developer team to setup your tracking and reporting with the risk of getting bad data and scripts that misfire.

There is no complicated process. Just instant marketing performance reporting where you plug in your CRM & Advertising tools, apply our secure 360 tracking script, and start collecting accurate and actionable data right now.

This Beta Program will close forever very soon. After that, it won’t be available again.

Don’t miss this. Lock in the Early Adopter rate for life—become a founding FunnelDash member today.

We have only a few spots open and you can reserve your spot and your discount now by clicking the button below, also this will give you an opportunity to get a private demo call with myself where I will walk you through personally how FunnelDash works and how it can help give you control over your marketing growth.


Who’s a Good Fit for This Beta Program—and Who Isn’t?

We are looking for established businesses who are already making some annual revenue or paying for traffic, agencies who have multiple funnels and marketing campaigns they manage, and the young online business that is looking to scale.

FunnelDash was designed to give you quick actionable data and metrics on your advertising and funnel performance to help you scale your campaigns and funnels faster, without wasting money. This means that we want people who will give us some fantastic feedback and shape this software into something that will continue to scale your business. This is not for people who do not have businesses and who are not selling online right now.

That being said, FunnelDash Beta is live right now and you can reserve your special pricing and access with FunnelDash Early Adopter Program right now by following this link.


So What Exactly Is FunnelDash?

FunnelDash is a new funnel & paid advertising dashboard software that uses your CRM and our proprietary 360 tracking to track your clicks, leads & customers by traffic source & funnel … allowing you to see the lifetime value of a click, lead and customer by traffic source and funnel.



Finally, multi-channel tracking and reporting of your clicks, leads and customers are in one place and not in a messy manual spreadsheet.

When we officially launch FunnelDash, this new product will sell for as much as $3,000 a year. But for a limited time only, you can get first-priority access to FunnelDash and lock in our Early Adopter rate of 54% off a year for as long as you stay subscribed to any of our existing plans.


Frequently Asked Questions About This Beta Program & Early Access

How is FunnelDash different from other marketing report software out there like Google Analytics?

FunnelDash was born out of a frustration with the tools available right now, we are a team of marketers and found many issues with nearly all the tools reporting bad data, pixels misfiring, and were not cost effective and left us resorting to using archaic spreadsheets and manually updating these spreadsheets daily…

… wasting time and money for both us, and our clients.

FunnelDash uses the 100% accurate data from your CRM and sales tools like Infusionsoft, Stripe & Ontraport and connects them with your advertising tools like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Affiliates. All of this data is connected through our “special sauce” 360 tracking to give you the most accurate reporting on your sales data, click data, and lead data along with first click, last click and optin attribution. (As long as your data is correct in your CRM)

Tools like Google Analytics and many others do not connect with your CRM level data or other advertising tools to give you accurate adspend and true customer lifetime value data.

FunnelDash is completely plug and play, connect your sales tools and advertising tools with our tracking and get instant reporting from our dashboard templates designed by marketing experts for marketers, so you don’t have to setup your Dashboards yourself.


When does the pre-sale for FunnelDash end?

This pre-sale Early Adopter program will be ending in the next few months after the software is completely live to the public. To become an early adopter of FunnelDash, you must click below to reserve your spot in our beta and get your 54% discount.


What is the difference between being in the Beta and having Early Access?

Throughout the coming months we will be releasing many integrations and template dashboards for our beta customers, as a reserved beta member you will be notified of the released dashboards and integrations so you can hop into your account right when your favorite marketing tools become live. We already have several integrations and dashboards live now, so if you use those tools already you will be given early access and can log into your funneldash account today!


I want it! When can I expect to get my FunnelDash Account?

Awesome! We’re excited for your help on improving and evolving FunnelDash, as well as giving us an opportunity to help scale your business!

You should expect to have full access to your FunnelDash account in no more than 30 days after your demo (depends on your integration needs).

If you qualify for early access you will be able to get your account today! For all others you will be notified as your integrations come online so you can start using your FunnelDash account. Follow this link to sign up and schedule your first kick off demo call right now and see if you qualify for early access!


Is this a “lifetime offer?”

As an early adopter, you will get unlimited access to FunnelDash, and you’ll lock in this early adopter rate of 54% off per year for as long as you maintain your FunnelDash subscription.


What does your integrations roadmap look like? Will you integrate with my favorite marketing services?

Here are the integrations that will be released starting in early August …

Our proprietary FunnelDash 360 Tracking, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Perfect Audience, Stripe, Active Campaign, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack(Smart Notifications), & Many More!


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