How to Get and Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns for Coaching and Consulting Clients

How to Get and Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns for Coaching and Consulting Clients

Your digital marketing agency needs a new influx of clients. (This is a constant problem that you want to fix. We’ve got the solution for you.)

There are hundreds of coaches and consultants out there who want someone to run their Facebook ad campaigns.

Coaches and consultants would much rather spend their time working with their own clients. They don’t want the hassle of running their own Facebook ad campaigns.

This is an easy niche for you to break into, if you’ve never run ads for coaches and consultants before. If you’ve had experience in coaching or consulting, it will be even easier.

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Promote Your Agency with a Proven Case Study from Our White Label Facebook Ads Service


Ever had a request from a potential client in a new niche, without any results from that niche to prove your Facebook ads prowess?

Or perhaps you’re a new agency and you want to get started in a specific niche, but you have no proof that you can run a successful campaign for a client, regardless of their industry.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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Hear Zach Johnson Reveal His Agency Growth Secrets at Digital Agency Expo 2019

By Tanya Brody / August 22, 2019

Did you hear?

FunnelDash Founder and CEO, Zach Johnson is speaking at Digital Agency Expo in New York City, September 17th – 19th.

There, he will reveal the agency growth secrets that took him from dead broke to a 7-figure business in 12 months.

These same exact agency growth secrets have been used repeatedly by hundreds of agency owners to grow their own agencies to 6 and 7 figures.

He’ll also spin the tale of how he got to dead broke, after watching his original agency collapse around him. Then he’ll show you how to avoid falling into the same traps he did.

It’s the must-see event at Digital Agency Expo this year! Get your ticket right now (and get a $500 discount.)

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How One Agency Got 2,988 Leads at $2.94 with an E-Book Using Our White Label Services


Recently, one of our FunnelDash agency customers tapped into our white label services to run Facebook ads for one of their clients.

This client wasn’t seeing the success she wanted with Facebook ads and knew she needed a change.

Our white label services team worked with this agency customer to take this campaign and turn it around within 6 weeks, generating 2,988 leads at cost per lead (CPL) of $2.94.

Here’s how they did it.

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We Wrote the Book on How to Grow Your Agency


Here at FunnelDash, we talk all the time about how to grow your agency. We have blog posts, webinars, Facebook lives, and tons of other resources on how make your agency hit 7-figures.

Do you know why we ramble on about this all the time?

Because our Founder and CEO, Zach Johnson has done it! And he’s helped hundreds of other agency owners do the same for their own agencies.

In fact, Zach wrote the book on how to grow your agency. Literally!

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Introducing Your New Secret to Success – FunnelDash White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services

Introducing-Your-New-Secret-to-Success - White-Label-Facebook-Ad-Management-Services

What do most agency owners consider to be the hardest part of running their agencies?

Fulfilling client campaigns.

This is true whether you’re brand new to the business or you’ve been doing this since Facebook ads were new.

The fact is, if you actually spend all of your time building the campaigns for your clients, you will never have time to get any new clients.

That means once a client decides they’re done with their current campaign and they don’t want to continue to run ads through you, you’re scrambling for a new client to fill their spot.

Which can take 2-3 months to find.

And when you only have one or two clients, because you’re spending all your time on client work, that can destroy your agency!

Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a way to solve this problem.

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How Zach Radford Got 20+ New Clients Using a FunnelDash Agency Messenger Funnel

Zach-Radford Case Study

Zach Radford was working for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Canada when he decided he was done and wanted to start his own agency.

He’d been running Facebook ads for this agency, but he was tired of everything being “all about the numbers.”

He wanted something different.

He wanted to work directly with his clients and give them the best service possible.

He wanted more creative control over the campaigns he was running.

He wanted to be his own boss and forge his own path.

So, he quit his day job and started his own digital marketing agency.

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