Introducing Your New Secret to Success – FunnelDash White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services

Introducing-Your-New-Secret-to-Success - White-Label-Facebook-Ad-Management-Services

What do most agency owners consider to be the hardest part of running their agencies?

Fulfilling client campaigns.

This is true whether you’re brand new to the business or you’ve been doing this since Facebook ads were new.

The fact is, if you actually spend all of your time building the campaigns for your clients, you will never have time to get any new clients.

That means once a client decides they’re done with their current campaign and they don’t want to continue to run ads through you, you’re scrambling for a new client to fill their spot.

Which can take 2-3 months to find.

And when you only have one or two clients, because you’re spending all your time on client work, that can destroy your agency!

Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a way to solve this problem.

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How Zach Radford Got 20+ New Clients Using a FunnelDash Agency Messenger Funnel

Zach-Radford Case Study

Zach Radford was working for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Canada when he decided he was done and wanted to start his own agency.

He’d been running Facebook ads for this agency, but he was tired of everything being “all about the numbers.”

He wanted something different.

He wanted to work directly with his clients and give them the best service possible.

He wanted more creative control over the campaigns he was running.

He wanted to be his own boss and forge his own path.

So, he quit his day job and started his own digital marketing agency.

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Ready to Rocket Your Digital Agency to Success? Join the FunnelDash Certified Partner Program


Do you dream of rocketing your digital agency to 7-figures or higher in the next few months?

Are you tired of seeing all the success stories of other digital agencies making tens of millions for their clients and millions for themselves, but not achieving that for your own agency?

Are you ready to take that leap of faith and see your digital agency grow beyond your wildest dreams?

Then you need to join the FunnelDash Partner Program.

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Why Being a Newbie Facebook Ad Agency Owner Isn’t a Bad Thing


Everyone thinks you need years of experience to run a Facebook ad agency.

You have to understand the bidding process, you have to know how to create the “perfect” ad and you have to know all the insider secrets to run a successful campaign.

Honestly, none of this is true.

And I can say this because I’ve encountered many people, FunnelDash customers and others, who have run successful Facebook ad campaigns the first time they tried.

Does this happen to everyone?

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Make Your Facebook Ad Copy Relevant to Your Target Audience to Get More High-Paying Clients

How many times have you seen a Facebook ad flash by in your feed and thought, “Geez, their Facebook ad copy sucks! That’s the most stupid thing they could have said to me?”

I expect it happens fairly often. I know I have that reaction regularly.

Now, how many times have you seen a Facebook ad and stopped to read it, because the words grab your attention and are actually relevant to you?

The difference between good Facebook ad copy and bad Facebook ad copy? Relevance to your target audience.

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How to Get and Manage Course Creator Clients for Your Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook Ads Agency Courses Clients

Today, we're turning the FunnelDash blog over to Kristin Savage of Pick Writers to show you how to expand into the niche of course creator clients for your Facebook ads agency.

You’re running a Facebook ads agency, and you feel like there’s room for improvement. You want to expand your reach and get clients from a new niche. After considering different niches, you realize course creator clients might just be the perfect niche for you to win over.

Potential course creator clients are people or companies who offer the services of teaching their clients a skill or giving them knowledge about something. Their courses could be about anything really: from foreign language courses to cooking lessons.

However, most of them prefer to focus on making their courses absolutely perfect and don’t want to put in the effort it takes to run a Facebook ad campaign. That’s where your Facebook ads agency steps in to help them make their dreams come true.

Follow the instructions below to make their dreams, and your dreams, reality.

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How Rob Breedlove Used a Video Review to Land a $9,000 Facebook Ad Campaign Contract

Rob Breedlove wasn’t expecting to revitalize his Facebook ad agency when he attended Traffic & Conversion in February of 2019. His agency had been running Facebook ad campaigns for health care providers since 2017, but he was burned out.

But his brother-in-law had a spare ticket to T&C and he figured, why not? He’d go schmooze with the marketers and enjoy himself, even if he wasn’t there to network and get new clients.

Rob was on his way out the door of the convention to join his family at Disneyland when he passed by the FunnelDash booth. He overheard one of our folks talking about our new Agency Messenger Funnels.  

Overhearing this conversation changed Rob’s agency and his life.

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How to Productize Your Digital Agency

By Tanya Brody / April 8, 2019

Ready to make running your digital agency even easier? Today, we've handed the blog over to Lee Goff, an agency coach who will show you how to productize your services to make more money and get your time back.  

As a digital agency owner, you’re probably thinking, “I don't sell products, I sell services.”

And you’re not wrong. Digital agencies are, at first glance at least, service providers. They create websites, manage paid media, develop strategies, etc.

However, the problem with selling a service is that it stems from time. Time spent creating, managing and developing. And time is a finite resource. Which means you will very quickly hit a ceiling.

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