$1B WORTH of GOOD NEWS on Funding Ad Spend in a Time of COVID-19

By Zach Johnson / March 29, 2020

Cash Flow has always been “King” of the small business world.Thanks to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cash Flow is now the “Emperor of the Universe”.​A recent study by the free online employee scheduling company Homebase, reported that by March 21st, 45% of small businesses they were studying were not operating.  In the cities […]

How to Tell Whether Your E-Commerce Business is Cranking… or Tanking

By Zach Johnson / March 26, 2020

Increasingly, ecommerce isn’t just big business, it’s THE business to be in.While the $25 trillion USD global retail market’s growth significantly slowed in 2019 compared to the past five years, worldwide ecommerce sales have increased by 18% to $3.5 trillion USD from the year before.  And it’s projected to nearly double to more than $6.5 […]

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