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How to Productize Your Digital Agency

By Tanya Brody / April 8, 2019

Ready to make running your digital agency even easier? Today, we’ve handed the blog over to Lee Goff, an agency coach who will show you how to productize your services to make more money and get your time back.   As a digital agency owner, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t sell products, I sell services.” And you’re not […]

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Use Deals, Our New Sales Pipeline Tool, to Track Your Progress from Lead to Sale

By Tanya Brody / April 2, 2019

Keeping track of where your potential clients are in your sales pipeline can be hard. Have you contacted your new leads? Have they scheduled their free Facebook ad audit? Have you reviewed their account? Have you presented the proposal? Have you followed up with the client after presenting the proposal if they didn’t sign right away? Has the client accepted and […]

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How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Grow Your Email List in 4 Easy Steps

By Tanya Brody / March 25, 2019

Today, we’ve turned over the blog to guest poster, Bridgette Hernandez, who will tell you all about Facebook Messenger bots and how to use them to build your agency. Are you using Facebook Messenger bots to build your email list and increase the number of leads coming into your agency? If you’re not, you’re missing on […]

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How to Create a Facebook Ad Management Proposal that Converts

By Tanya Brody / February 14, 2019

This post was originally published on November 7th, 2017, as Seal the Deal with Your Client on Facebook Ad Management Services. We have since updated this post to reflect changes in the FunnelDash app and offerings. One of the most useful toolsets FunnelDash offers is the Agency Funnels, which help you attract potential clients for […]

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Get Clients Like Clockwork for Your Facebook Marketing Agency with our New Agency Messenger Funnels

By Tanya Brody / August 24, 2018

FunnelDash 1.0 gave the Facebook marketing agency owner, the ability to use data-driven Facebook ad audits to show your value to prospective customers. Selling with data lets you differentiate yourself from your competition and creates a stronger, high-value sales process. FunnelDash 2.0 is all about helping you get more leads into your agency. Which is why […]

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The Top 6 Facebook Ad Reports Every Ads Agency Needs

By Tanya Brody / July 25, 2018

Facebook Ads Manager is fantastic for managing ads. Their interface is great and gives you all the options you need to get into their system and create ads that boost your clients’ ROI. It’s not so great for managing clients. As we’ve mentioned before on the FunnelDash Blog, Facebook Ads Manager is lousy when it […]

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