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Simeon Bateman

Simeon Bateman - Purveyor of Technical Wisdom and Principal Instigator @ SimBco. I help solve business problems with technology. SimBco is a certified FunnelDash agency partner focused on helping customers implement Inbound Marketing in their business. We can help you attract, convert, close and delight customers for your business. We specialize in technical solutions to your business problems. Utilizing platforms like Facebook Messenger we can also help you build an audience of qualified leads and help you turn them into faithful customers.

Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Ad

By Simeon Bateman / October 7, 2018

Facebook Messenger ads are the new way to communicate directly with your subscribers inside Messenger. It’s a more personal way to get your message across to your potential clients, or to reach out to your clients’ potential customers. You can create a Facebook Messenger ad for your agency to get more leads by offering a free […]

Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels

By Simeon Bateman / September 15, 2018

Every business wants more leads. The problem is most businesses are not setup to respond to more leads when they get them. Processing leads and turning them into customers can be a lot of work. If you are using a lead generation technique that is effective you may have more leads than you can deal […]

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