Use Facebook Messenger Bots and the Instant Audit Tool to Get New Client Leads

Facebook Messenger is becoming a go-to communications tool for many businesses for everything from promotions to customer service. It’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers and attract new ones.

Here at FunnelDash, we’re getting into the Facebook Messenger game ourselves. For more information, read the Product Update from FunnelDash’s Head of Product Development, Jordan Gorla.

Meanwhile, savvy digital marketing agency owners are already using Facebook Messenger bots to get new clients in the door.


FunnelDash user Marni Melrose does more than just run a digital marketing agency. She also teaches people how to use the Messenger platform to build their businesses.

We were thrilled when Marni revealed her client funnel during one of our customer Ask Us Anything calls. This funnel combines Facebook Messenger bots with FunnelDash’s Instant Audit Tool and ultimately gets potential clients to sign up for a free Facebook ads audit.

Marni was kind enough to record a Facebook Live that walks through the messenger bot funnel and she posted it in the FunnelDash User Community. We were so excited to share this awesome funnel that we asked if we could interview Marni and use her funnel as a case study.

She graciously said yes.

Now, you get to benefit from Marni’s wisdom and creativity.

A Bit About Marni Melrose

Marni promotes herself as a Growth Technologist.

Her website encourages readers to look at Facebook Messenger as the leading new growth tool for customer acquisition and engagement. And this is accurate. Messenger is quickly becoming a simple, inexpensive and effective way to engage your current and potential customers.

(I’d just like to point out that Marni has a link to her free audit right on her home page.)

Marni Home.jpg

Because Marni practices what she preaches, she uses Messenger bots as the engine for her own client funnel, to show potential clients how easy it can be to engage their customers with this tool.


It doesn’t hurt that she’s also showing off her own skills in using this tool, which will make companies want to hire her to build Messenger bot funnels for them.

Does This Funnel Work?

Yes, it does.

Marni recently ran Facebook ads to this funnel. Here are her results:

  • Marni spent $500 on Facebook ads.
  • She got 52 clicks to her Messenger funnel.
  • 22 people opted into her funnel.
  • 12 people signed up for her free Facebook ads audit or marketing funnel audit.
  • She has conducted 3 audits and has contracts out to each potential client.

One of the best things about the Instant Audit funnel is it practically sells itself.

Everyone who runs Facebook ads wants to know how well their campaigns are doing. Unfortunately, most agencies don’t give a lot of in-depth information on campaign results, because finding that information in Facebook Business Manager is time-consuming and frustrating.

(The FunnelDash dashboards solve that problem, making it 10 times faster and much easier to conduct Facebook ads audits and report campaign results to your clients. Plus, our Growth Tools like the Instant Audit help you automate the process of new client leads.)

The beauty of the way Marni has set up her Facebook Messenger bot funnel is that once it’s set up, she has very little work to do to maintain it. She just needs to review her potential clients’ information and show up to the consultation call.

Here’s how Marni’s funnel works…

It Starts with a Facebook Ad

In addition to getting leads from organic traffic, Marni runs Facebook ads and sends interested leads straight to her first Messenger bot.

1- Facebook_Ad.png

Marni’s ad starts by hitting a particular pain point most business owners have; not getting the result they expect from their current marketing. Then she tells potential clients exactly what they’ll get if they click on the ad, and how she can help them.

When a potential client clicks on the link, they go straight to…

The First Messenger Bot

One of the unique things about Marni’s funnel is she doesn’t use customized landing pages in her funnel, unless they’re part of another application. She sticks solely with Messenger bots.

This means all communication with her potential clients is in one system, which can make it easier to manage.

Marni used ManyChat to set up her chat flow. Their JSON Growth Tool makes it easy to set up a conversation with your potential clients.

Marni’s chat flow starts with a simple question: “Do you run Facebook ads now?”


Based on a person’s answer, the chat flow either directs them toward the Instant Audit or offers them a free marketing funnel audit instead. (FYI, a marketing funnel audit is where you review a potential client’s current funnel from beginning to end, looking for places where you can optimize it and make it more efficient.)

If the person says “Yes” to the Instant Audit, they see a message that tells them their Facebook ads account should have 10 ads that were active in the last 30 days, and that these ads should have at least 50 clicks. This is required for the Instant Audit to work properly. 

Why do we require this? Because for the Instant Audit to give accurate information, there needs to be enough data in someone’s Facebook ads account for the Instant Audit Tool to find information of statistical significance to report. (Which is a long-winded way of saying the Instant Audit Tool needs information to report on.) 

Marni gives people the option to say yes to the Instant Audit, or “Not there yet,” meaning they won’t have enough information to get a solid report.

Those who choose the latter are offered the free marketing funnel audit.

Those who say “Yes” leave this Messenger bot and are sent to…

The Instant Audit Opt-in Page

This is what your leads will see when they say “Yes” to the Instant Audit.

They’re asked to enter their email address and choose the Facebook account they want audited. 

Instant Audit Opt-In.jpg

If you have a FunnelDash account and you’ve set up an Instant Audit, you’re already familiar with this page.

If you don’t have a FunnelDash account, sign up for your 30-day free trial, so you can build your own client funnel.

The Instant Audit is very easy to set up. For more information on how to do it, check out this blog post.

Here’s where Marni’s method varies from the norm.

Instead of sending her new leads to a Thank You page (which is what we recommend in the blog post above) she sends them on to her Thank You chatbot.

So, instead of putting the URL for a Thank You page into the Instant Audit setup form, you would add the URL for your chatbot. 

Instant Audit Screen 3.jpg

Offering the Free Facebook Ads Audit

Marni uses this next Facebook Messenger chatbot to tell her new leads to look for their Instant Audit results in their inboxes.

Next, she offers more in-depth information on their Facebook ads accounts during a full marketing audit.


If someone clicks on the “Book Marketing Audit” button, they are taken on to another bot, that prequalifies them for the marketing audit.

Prequalifying Your Potential Clients

You may wonder why Marni does this.

She’s got people interested in booking a free Facebook ads audit, right? Isn’t that what matters?

This is true.

However, prequalifying her potential clients gives Marni a chance to tag and segment her potential clients in ManyChat.


She asks them a series of questions such as:

  • Their business name
  • How much they currently spend on Facebook ads
  • Their website
  • Their monthly revenue
  • How many employees they have

And so on.

If the person submitting is already a client of Marni’s she has the chat flow set up to skip any questions she already has the answers to, to make going through the flow easier on her user. 

Asking these questions gives Marni quite a bit of information about her potential client, before she ever meets them. And it helps her determine whether they’ll be good prospects for her services, or she should recommend her Messenger bot courses instead.

Once someone has answered Marni’s prequalifying questions, they’re given the opportunity to book their free Facebook ads audit.

As soon as someone clicks on the booking button, they’re tagged as “booking.” I’ll explain why in a moment.

Booking the Consultation

Marni uses Acuity as her scheduling app.


Our personal preference for a scheduling app is Calendly. It integrates, either directly or via Zapier, with most CRMs. There are a lot of scheduling apps out there, so find the one that works best for you. If you need recommendations, check out this blog post.

Following Up on the Booking

Here’s why Marni tags people who click the booking button.

Once they hit her booking page, there’s no guarantee that they’ll fill out the form and click “book my appointment.” 

To increase the number of consultations she gets, Marni uses Zapier to verify whether someone has booked their consultation or not. Her Zap has a 20-minute delay on it, so people have plenty of time to fill out the meeting registration form.

If they have booked their consultation, ManyChat sends them a message thanking them for making an appointment and verifies the date and time.

If they haven’t, ManyChat reminds them that they haven’t booked yet and prods them to do so.


Simple follow-up sequences like this can significantly increase the number of Facebook ad audit consultations you do, which will increase your client base. 

The “Manual” Part of the Process

As cool as all of this automation is, Marni did confess to me during our interview that there are 3 things she does have to do, after this funnel is built. 

  1. She has to run the Facebook ad campaign. But even that is automated, once it’s set up.
  2. She has to go into Facebook Ads Manager and request access to her potential clients’ ad accounts.
  3. She has to add herself as an admin to their account, so she can review their account information prior to the call.

Beyond that, all she has to do is show up to her consultation and show her potential client where they can make simple, money-saving, ROI-increasing improvements to their current Facebook ad campaigns. 

Then, when they express interest in having her run their Facebook ads, she sends them a contract, has them sign, and starts working her Facebook ads magic. 

Meanwhile, her retainer agreements with these clients ensures that she is paid regularly and she’s making good money, doing what she loves. Helping businesses use technology to reach their customers and grow their bottom lines.

Interested in Building a Facebook Messenger Bot Funnel for Yourself?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Marni teaches business owners how to use technology to grow their businesses.

As a favor to us, Marni has agreed to give you the images from the workflow of her Instant Audit Funnel and a mini-course on how she did it. That way, you can see how she put the whole thing together and create one for yourself.

Plus, Marni is teaming up with John Shea and our FunnelDash team to create a new course called Facebook Messenger Marketing Secrets. To get the workflow images, find out more about this course, and to be notified when it’s released, please click on the button below.

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